April 16

Evening screenings will start at 7pm.


Abu Rami
On a Sunday morning in Beirut, frustrated Mona and her miserable taxi-driver husband Abu Rami set out for a drive across Lebanon to visit  their son Rami and his wife. After 40 years of marriage, Mona is plagued with doubts about Abu Rami’s fidelity.
(Sabah Haider – Lebanon – 18 min) Fiction

Café Regular, Cairo
After two years together, Alaa and Mai encounter the first big crisis in their relationship in a café in Cairo. In this city, always changing and always relentless, the old and the new clash and anything might be possible.(Ritesh Batra – Egypt – 11 min) Fiction

It’s back to school day and for the first time, 8-year-old Fares is allowed to walk alone to class. On his way, he crosses a stray dog he calls “Bobby.” It’s the beginning of a true friendship until the day Fares decides to bring Bobby back home.
(Mehdi M. Barsaoui – Tunisia – 18 min) Fiction

The 40th Day
An Arab mother deals with the death of her son by coming to terms with their relationship and by reflecting on the things she might have done differently.
(Shasha Li – USA – 5 min) Fiction

During the Arab spring, Sofia travels to Europe in hopes of finding a job to help fund the search of her missing brother and give her mother a better standard of living.
(Ani Laurie Boulahri – Morroco, UK – 15 min) Fiction

Five young students from different backgrounds are stuck in an apartment in Ramallah due to curfew restrictions and skirmishes outside. Their confinement leads them to the preparation of a “Maqloubeh,” or a traditional Palestinian “upside-down” rice dish. An unexpected guest interrupts them before they can enjoy the meal.
(Nicolas Damuni – France, Palestine – 10 min) Fiction

Lettre à Mohamed (Letter to Mohamed)
Filmed during the first year after the Tunisian Revolution, “A Letter to Mohamed” is a poetic journey through a troubled country. Between revolution, a new political system, dictatorship, order, and chaos, the film shows a landscape of disillusion, humor, and hope.
(Christine Moderbacher – Belgium – 35 min) Documentary

Eastern Winds
Throughout 2011, a rhythmic chant echoed across the Arab lands, as young protestors called for government reform, economic opportunity and political freedom. This wave of demonstrations skipped borders with ease, carried in newspapers and magazines, on Twitter and Facebook, and the airwaves of al Jazeera and al Arabiya. These events came to be known as the Arab Awakening.
(Jawaher Al Sudairy and Timo Von Gunten – Saudi Arabia – 15 min) Experimental