April 23

Evening screenings will start at 7pm.

When They Slept
Amina, a young widowed mother of three, takes care of her small family, with the help of her father, Hashem. The old man, vigorous and lively, has a special relationship with the youngest child, Sara. The sensitive and mischievous Sara will let neither death nor tradition come between her and her grandfather.
(Maryam Touzani – Morocco – 17 min) Fiction

Thirteen-year-old Fingo wants to hang lights outside his flat for Ramadan. He quickly realizes there’s much more to the lights than just decorating. He has to take a stand, win over the community and hang his lights… all in two days!
(Ahmed Ibrahim – Egypt, USA – 15 min) Fiction

Nesma’s Birds
Nesma is an awkward 11-year-old, who has been at odds with the world around her since her mother forced her to get rid of her father’s pigeons, which she has been caring for since his death. Today, she faces an even bigger challenge as she enters womanhood.
(Meedo Ali, Najwan Ali – Iraq, UK, Hungary – 7:31 min) Fiction

Al Maktoub
A housewife’s perfect life in a gated community outside Cairo is shattered when she learns that her husband has taken a second wife. After finding renewed hope from a fortune-teller’s guidance, she is distraught when the predictions don’t seem to manifest. Taking matters into her own hands, she inadvertently puts her husband’s life at risk in her determination not to share him with another woman.
(Ahmed Amer – Egypt, USA – 18 min) Fiction

Charlie and Janet
Charlie and Janet depicts the everyday lives of an eccentric elderly Palestinian couple living in an impoverished corner of Beirut. This candid film follows them as they come to terms with life alone together having lost their children to the streets. From marriage in Bethlehem to exile in Lebanon, from fatherhood to failed dreams, from potted plants to pigeons. Charlie and Janet have managed to find happiness amidst tragedy.
(Zeina Aboul-Hosn, Rebecca Lloyd – Lebanon, U.K. – 27 min) Documentary

Two narrators, one speaking Arabic and the other Mandarin, mix original commentary with cited philosophical statements on the political and theatrical senses of the word “camp.”
(Peter Freund – USA – 7 min) Experimental

After the fall of the Islamic Caliphate in Andalusia and successive resolutions of the expulsion of the Moriscos, the inhabitants of the Spanish City “Hornachos” will take the road in 1609 to “Rabat” in Morocco. They founded there an independent maritime city-state, an active commercial centre that became a beam for other Andalusia refugees, all kinds of European, Jewish and Christian merchants.
(Niouf Dounia – Morroco – 29 min) Documentary

Al Muqana 3 
Every afternoon, Ahmed Al Jaber leaves his majlis to drive one of his breathtakingly designed vehicles, adorned with flags, golden ornaments and lights on the Corniche in Doha. What motivates him to put on this spectacle on the streets of Qatar?
(Tarek Abu Esber – Qatar – 6 min) Documentary