April 9

Evening screenings will start at 7pm.

Children of God 
A young boy, who is an amputee, bets his prized possessions – a collection of football posters – on the girls’ team winning a battle-of-the-sexes football match in an attempt to gain the affections of his crush, their goalkeeper.
(Ahmed Yassin – Iraq, U.K., Hungary – 9:48 min) Fiction

In one of Baghdad’s boys-only high schools, teenage boys fantasize about their teacher in a sex-ed class. Meanwhile, Ali remains oblivious and naïve, dreaming only of owning a pair of Nike shoes.
(Luay Fadhil Abbas – Iraq, U.K, Hungary – 8:32 min) Fiction

Children of War 
In an Iraqi orphanage, a young victim of the war expresses his anguish through a series of drawings. His childlike mind contorts the events,  but enables an outsider to see the war unravel around him from his perspective.
(Meedo Ali – Iraq, U.K., Hungary – 9:48 min) Fiction & Animation

Happy Birthday
On his fifth birthday, a young boy is taken to visit his father’s grave. Distracted by his toy car, the little boy wanders off and gets lost in the labyrinth of graves, where he meets an unusual new friend who will help him back to his mother.
(Mohanad Hayal – Iraq, U.K., Hungary – 8 min) Fiction

War Canister
A deaf boy from Baghdad can only dream of having a normal childhood. He is forced to steal oil canisters to support his family. On an eventful bus ride home, he forgets his responsibilities for some frivolous fun. A desperate search ensues to find the oil he’s lost.
(Yahya Al-Allaq – Iraq, U.K., Hungary – 11 min) Fiction

Saleh Café
Two employees in a downtown Cairo coffee shop explain how they joined the revolution.
(Amina Ezzelarab – Egypt – 6 min) Documentary

The Famous Jafar Hasan Aboud
Jafar Hasan Aboud lives an anonymous life in the streets of Malmö, longing for his family and his native country. He still has the gift of music, though, and the Swedish national anthem has never been more beautifully rendered.
(Carl Moberg – Sweden, Iraq – 15 min) Documentary

Sabbat el Aid (My shoes)
Nine-year-old Nader loves to run, as if he wants to defy gravity. While shopping for Eid clothes with his parents, he sets his heart on a pair of expensive shoes – beyond what his father can afford.
(Anis Laasoued – Tunisia, France – 30 min) Fiction

A short film about the future prospects of dance in war torn Damascus.
(Wathec Salman – Syria – 8 min) Fiction